Off The Reel

Photos and text by Riley Steinbrenner

Catching invasive rusty crayfish with fellow undergrads Matt Chotlos and Ishita Aghi! Photo courtesy of Ishita Aghi.


Welcome to Off The Reel! Every week, I invite you to join me on an adventure to experience some of the amazing ecological research conducted by grad students and undergrads this summer at Trout Lake Station! What are you waiting for? Slip on your boots, grab a life vest and click one of the headlines or pictures to begin!


A “Bog Baptism” with Kaela


Two Rounds of Shock and Awe with Bass-Walleye Crew


Sampling “Trout Tower” with Sydney & Camryn 

Dredgin’ with Carol and Linden


In the Middle of Anywhere with Pete and Raina