Support the CFL

Yes, we are part of a public institution and, yes, we receive a small portion of our budget from the tax dollars of the wonderful citizens of Wisconsin. But the majority of our income comes from grants and gifts from people like you. While we do humbly admit to being quite good at getting grants, individual support for the Center for Limnology is critical to our mission. And your gifts have direct results on the research projects we’re able to do.
Last year, the Juday and Lane families contributed money that funded the summer research for three undergraduates and one graduate  student. Their support allows us to continue giving aspiring water scientists a world-class education and producing the next generation of researchers working on Wisconsin (and the world’s) waters.
An anonymous donor is largely behind the Crystal Lake Mixing Project in Vilas County, Wisconsin. If successful, the project could become a valuable tool in fighting aquatic invasive species, specifically the rainbow smelt, which is decimating yellow perch populations in Crystal Lake. The project aims to give fisheries managers an alternative to whole lake poisoning when combating invasives.
These are just some examples of how your support can help the CFL pursue its mission and further explore Wisconsin’s most amazing resource – its lakes, rivers, wetlands and streams.
You can give online or mail a gift to:
University of Wisconsin Foundation
US Bank Lockbox
PO Box 78807
Milwaukee WI 53278-0807
NOTE: You must fill out a gift form to include with mailed donations. Contact Chris Glueck at the UW Foundation for details – (608)265-9952
Thank You for keeping the CFL going. We couldn’t do our work without the support of people like you!