CFL’s Susan Knight Wins UW “Excellence Award”

Susan Knight (ctr), accepts her award from Chancellor Ward (rt) and Carroll Heideman (lt)

Last Thursday, UW Chancellor David Ward hosted a reception for the winners of the 2012 Academic Staff Excellence Awards. Susan Knight, Trout Lake Station’s interim director and outreach specialist, was one of the eight award winners invited. Susan won the Robert and Carroll Heideman Award for Excellence in Public Service and Outreach and the CFL couldn’t be prouder of her.
Susan Knight shows visitors to Trout Lake Station's 2011 Open House how to ID milfoil

CFL director, Steve Carpenter, calls Susan the “friendly and highly informative face,” of both the CFL and UW-Madison in northern Wisconsin. Susan works hard to both keep Trout Lake Station humming along, as well as educate residents and schoolkids about limnology. Her passion is aquatic plants and, via formal workshops, school programs, or at CFL open houses, she’s making sure fans of Wisconsin’s freshwater ecosystems know their aquatic macrophytes one demonstration at a time. When she’s not fulfilling the Wisconsin Idea and engaging residents in learning about their freshwater surroundings, Susan is busy working on her research in northern Wisconsin lakes.
Congrats, Susan, on a well-deserved award!