Another Summer Opening Our Doors

Ted Bier explains how a Fyke net works to a group of visitors before pulling up the net and seeing what sorts of fish it caught from Lake Mendota.

After last year’s big turn out for Trout Lake Station’s inaugural open house, we here at the Center for Limnology decided we were on to something. It seems that the people of Wisconsin are curious about what it is we do and want to know more about their lakes.
So this summer we decided to welcome the public into both of our centers of work. On June 22nd, more than 120 people stopped by to see what was up at Hasler Lab on the shores of Lake Mendota. Then, on August 3rd, 212 visitors streamed through Trout Lake Station way up in northern Wisconsin’s “lake district.”

Click here to see a slideshow of the two events.

All visitors, from adults to kids, loved the chance to see what kinds of plankton they pulled up from Trout Lake,

Special thanks go out to summer undergrad student, Ali Branscombe, who helped organize the Trout Lake Station open house and to Grace Hong, photographer extraordinaire of the event here in Madison.
The Limnos, loaded down with visitors, leaves the Hasler Lab dock for a “research cruise” out on Lake Mendota. Photo: Grace Hong