CFL in Africa: Wrapping Up Another Season on Lake Tanganyika

School is back in session, and Ellen is safely back on the shores of Lake Mendota, but before we wrap up our summer series on her adventures researching Lake Tanganyika for Pete McIntyre’s lab, here’s a final dispatch from Africa…

The Final Push

We’re trying to get sponsorship from Ziploc! After 30 minutes in the bag, the water will be analyzed for nutrients and ammonium.

It’s my last week on Lake Tanganyika for the year, and Ben and I have One Last Big Project component to finish up before I head home – fish excretion or, more aptly, making tiny fish toilets out of Ziploc bags.
Ben “Benja” Kramer sorts samples of “fishy” water. Ben will be staying in Tanzania throughout the year to keep working on the project.
For the few of us that remain, it’s all hands on deck, as each of us has a part to play in the endeavor. I won’t even attempt an explanation of the various components, but here’s an Extremely Brief Overview of what the others are doing:
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