Introducing “Wordless” Wednesdays!

Hello There Loyal Blog Reader (and/or Brand-New Visitor!)
We here at the Center for Limnology are committed to bringing you all the best we have to offer, from just-published research, to an inside look at our labs, to virtual “ride-alongs” with teams out doing field work. But we acknowledge the regularity of such content has been haphazard at best.
Introducing “Wordless” Wednesdays! Here’s our attempt to set a schedule for new content: every Monday, we’ll publish a new post on something awesome we’re doing here at the CFL. Then, each Wednesday, we’ll join in the fun of the Internet’s mid-week blogging meme of posting pictures with no captions.
But here’s the catch – we want you, yes YOU, to supply the caption. Your trusty blog administrator will choose the winner and give them a shout out (plus a more complete description of each picture) in the following Wednesday’s picture post.
Let’s get started – remember write in with your take on what’s going on and we’ll pick the winner next Wednesday:

Caption Needed – Give Us Your Take on Where We Are and What We’re Doing in the Comment Section.