Introducing “Wordless” Wednesdays!

Hello There Loyal Blog Reader (and/or Brand-New Visitor!)
We here at the Center for Limnology are committed to bringing you all the best we have to offer, from just-published research, to an inside look at our labs, to virtual “ride-alongs” with teams out doing field work. But we acknowledge the regularity of such content has been haphazard at best.
Introducing “Wordless” Wednesdays! Here’s our attempt to set a schedule for new content: every Monday, we’ll publish a new post on something awesome we’re doing here at the CFL. Then, each Wednesday, we’ll join in the fun of the Internet’s mid-week blogging meme of posting pictures with no captions.
But here’s the catch – we want you, yes YOU, to supply the caption. Your trusty blog administrator will choose the winner and give them a shout out (plus a more complete description of each picture) in the following Wednesday’s picture post.
Let’s get started – remember write in with your take on what’s going on and we’ll pick the winner next Wednesday:

Caption Needed – Give Us Your Take on Where We Are and What We’re Doing in the Comment Section.

6 thoughts on “Introducing “Wordless” Wednesdays!”

  1. Upon hearing that Playboy dropped UW-Madison to #5 in their “Top Party School” rankings, scientists at the Center for Limnology quickly go to work turning Lake Monona into the largest beer bong in the world. Your move, University of Virginia.

    1. Hi Bobby, the picture doesn’t show the brighter buoys at the end of the string. The nets sit pretty high out of the water and are easy to spot. Our fish crew team assures me no one’s ever ran over our gill nets!

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