Wordless Wednesday – Take 2


The NTL-LTER “fish crew” pulls up to a string of gill nets in Lake Monona to check the daily catch as part of their annual census of the fish living in Madison’s lakes.

We have a winner! Our first-ever “wordless Wednesday” caption contest garnered a handful of great submissions, but none better (in our humble opinion) than this caption offered up by Aaron Conklin of the UW Sea Grant Institute:
Earlier this week, CFL researchers laid a nefarious and impossible-to-spot trap for the Mad City Ski team.

The real caption is now attached to the pic above, in case you were wondering what we were really up to.

Congratulations, Aaron! Apparently the idea of a CFL/Ski Team feud tickled the right funny bone. Now put on your thinking cap for Take 2, submit your clever caption in the comments below and we’ll announce a winner next Wednesday!