Wordless Wednesday – Take 3

Putting a boat in Crystal Lake takes unorthodox moves, since the sandy-bottomed lake only allows non-motorized boats and has no ramp. (Don’t worry,  CFL research boats are allowed with the DNR’s permission!)

The second installment of the “Wordless” Wednesday Photo Caption Contest generated a lot of good submissions, but we’re giving the (imaginary) award this week to clever captioner, Denise Karns, whose title “center assistant” doesn’t begin to describe everything she does here at Hasler Lab. Denise wrote in with this gem:
“It would have been easier to get the under-carriage flush done at the car wash.”
The real caption is now attached to the pic above, in case you were wondering what we were up to.*
Congratulations, Denise! To celebrate your achievement, we’re posting a pic you sent in. Now everyone get ready for Take 3, submit your clever caption for the picture below by writing it in the comments section and we’ll announce a winner next Wednesday!

*Editor’s Note: Props go to “Anonymous” for the submission “Who let the Illinois guy drive.” Sadly, Anonymous chimed in right after this went to press! Better luck next time!

9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Take 3”

  1. No no no, I mean, it’ll work out fine. I guess you can board me here – I’m just saying it’s really kind of insanely freaking weird to board me here.

  2. Birge and Juday would be pleased to see that the Center For Limnology is still practicing their annual “Bring Your Horse To Work Day.”

  3. “Your vehicle reservation request DID specify that you be able to use a towing hitch…”
    (submitter not eligible to win, but can’t resist the fun)

    1. I saw your title of ‘Dryads’ before I sclrelod down to see the photos. I love dryads and always think of them as spirits – then when I saw these faces in the bark I got shivers of delight! Thanks so much for posting these!

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