Fish Fry Day: Lake Sturgeon

Lake Sturgeon. Courtesy of Shedd Aquarium
Lake Sturgeon. Courtesy of Shedd Aquarium

Forgive the late post here, but your trusty blog author has been out and about in the Rocky Mountain front range for the past few days. But, never fear, it’s still Friday here in the Mountain Standard Time Zone and that means it’s still the day that Wisconsin offers up its fabulous fish fry dinners and we here at the blog celebrate some of our favorite fishes.
Since it’s spring (it IS spring back home, right?) and that means fish are getting ready for spawning season, we thought we’d share this video from several years ago when our very own research technician, Ted Bier, took an underwater camera down in the depths of Lake Monona and met a couple of its resident lake sturgeon. Enjoy!

For more on what those sturgeon are doing down there, read here. And, as always, our friends at Sea Grant have the big scoop on Wisconsin’s awesome prehistoric fish.

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