Fish Fry Day Goes Primitive

Happy Fish Fry Day, Folks!
It’s the day when we (sometimes!) feature fish on the blog and any restaurant worth its salt features fish on the menu here in Wisconsin. Today we’re just going to pass along a cool site called “Primitive Fishes.”

It’s a blog kept by UW-Madison Center for Limnology postdoc, Solomon David (a member of the McIntyre lab). Unfortunately it’s about all we see of Solomon, because he’s conducting his post doctoral appointment at Chicago’s illustrious Shedd Aquarium, where he’s working on conservation of Great Lakes migratory fishes.
Some of his work on northern pike was recently featured in National Geographic. You may remember the pike migration story from a grad student we do see in the office, Dan Oele.
Anyway, here’s to the fish that have been plying our waters long before we came upon the scene. Happy Fish Fry Day!