LimnoLinks: Limnology Around the Web

We here at the blog are currently working on getting lots of end-of-year stuff done (i.e. planning the annual CFL Holiday Party!) and, well, good blog posts take time. And, also, it’s COLD!

Baby, it's cold outside. Seriously. A frozen Hasler Lab awaits its limnologists.
Baby, it’s cold outside. Seriously. A frozen Hasler Lab awaits its limnologists.

Lucky for us (and you), despite these poor excuses, there have been some cool limnological links on the web lately. So, while we work on our next post, enjoy these dispatches from other awesome sources of information!
Rotenone on Store Shelves, Despite Fears of Parkinson’s Risk
Anyone in our line of work knows that Rotenone is a powerful piscicide (fish poison). It’s often resource manager’s last line of defense against invasive species and, basically, it kills anything with gills, letting degraded bodies of water “start” over through stocking of natives. But, a Scientific American blog post from a prominent toxicologist found that the dangerous chemical can be found on shelves as a variety of products for home and garden.
Twitter Matters As Scientists Seek to Make Social Impact
Twitter isn’t just for celebrities and Internet trolls, it turns out the the giant social networking tool is being used more and more by scientists looking to publicize and promote their papers, as well as join in conversations about their fields of study. The article appeared on a UK website called The Conversation, which brings academic voices into journalism. The topic, though, is corroborated by the recent addition of @FreshwaterSteve (CFL director Steve Carpenter) to the Twitterverse!
EPA Launches an “Importance of Water” Report
Not that our loyal readers need reminding, but water is sorta important. For, you know, everything. Well, now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is hoping to highlight just how crucial water is to all human endeavors by putting a pricetag on it – releasing a report entitled – “Importance of Water to the U.S. Economy.”
Phantom Midge Returns to CFL Holiday Party!
The CFL’s very own house band, Phantom Midge, is coming back to our Christmas party to warp today’s biggest hits into limnological masterpieces. Past years have seen “My Sharona” transformed into “My Monona” and Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” turned into an ode about bass/walleye interactions. The band has practiced at least twice. We can’t wait for tomorrow night! Here’s a clip from last year.