Video Review – 2013: Snail Crushing, Invasive IDing and Musky Jamming

In these last hours of 2013, we’re featuring some of our favorite (and most popular) CFL videos from the past year. To see all of our offerings, head to our YouTube channel.
Crushing Snail Shells… for Science
Grad students Sam Oliver and Luke Loken set up a Medieval torture device in the Hasler Lab basement. Their question: do hermit crabs select stronger shells for their new homes?

 Know Your Invasives: Rusty Crayfish
New Year’s Resolution: Make this segment a recurring feature. Here Lindsey Sargent explains how to tell a rusty crayfish from its native counterparts.

 Phantom Midge’s World-Premiere Music Video – “Get Musky”
Taking a groove inspired by one of 2013’s best songs (“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk) CFL cover band, Phantom Midge, creates an ode to musky hunters everywhere.