Fish Fry Day: Migratory Fishes Meet Social Media

If you live, well, pretty much anywhere in North America, you know that spring is springing early this year. And while that means ice-free lakes, blooming crocuses and the return of all sorts of birds, it also means that fish are getting ready to move.

This spring, (starting next week, in fact) we’ll be bringing you all sorts of action as fish of the Great Lakes look to head inland and spawn.

John Rodstrom. Not in Wisconsin.

New CFL graduate student, John Rodstrom, will be your trusty guide as he heads to Lake Michigan to follow fish on the run.
We’ll send pictures and videos as northern pike, white suckers and other species try to find a wetland that their eggs can call home. We’ll chronicle the obstacles in their path. We’ll try to catch this amazing natural phenomenon in all its glory and share it with you!
So follow @migratoryfishes on Twitter, the hashtag #fishontherun, this here blog and check out our Fish on the Run website to get up to speed.
See you next week!
Longnose suckers headed upstream for spring migration.
Longnose suckers headed upstream for spring migration.