This Thanksgiving Put More Science in Your Diet with Science on Tap “Shorts”

We here at the Center for Limnology want to wish all of our readers safe travels as they head toward the tables of friends and family this week. But we also want to make sure you’ve got a balanced diet. While you’re stuffing yourself with stuffing, don’t forget to feed your brain! Thankfully (see what we did there?) we’ve got a great line up of short science videos that should do the trick.

UW-Madison microbiologist, Trina McMahon, shares stories of "Miccrobes Around Us" at Science on Tap-MInocqua. Photo: A. Hinterthuer
UW-Madison microbiologist, Trina McMahon, shares stories of “Microbes Around Us” at Science on Tap – Minocqua. Photo: A. Hinterthuer

Science on Tap-Minocqua, our wildly popular science cafe series held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Minocqua Brewing Company, has full length videos of most of the conversations we’ve held with UW-Madison researchers and their often standing-room-only audiences. But if watching an hour and a half long video is biting off more than you can chew, we’re happy to offer “Science on Tap Shorts,” videos that run under ten minutes and give you the best morsels of information and Q & A. We’ll embed some of our favorites in this post, but for the full line up, check out the Science on Tap-Minocqua YouTube channel.
Below are some three highlights of three years (now in our fourth!) of bringing University of Wisconsin science out of the lab and to the brew pub, er, well, the public. Enjoy!
Science, Politics & The Great Divide

Got some family members you’re, well, not looking forward to sharing ideas with this holiday? Let Dominique Brossard walk you through the science of communicating politically charged research. It probably won’t help make Thanksgiving dinner conversation any easier, but at least you’ll understand a bit more about where everyone’s coming from!

The Wonderful World of Wisconsin Fishes
Ready for a cornucopia of aquatic finned friends? John Lyons, the Wisconsin DNR’s incomparable fish biologist, talks about some of the more remarkable fish in our waters.

Thriving at Any Age: Guidelines for Living a Healthy & Happy Life
Now that’s what I call topically appropriate! Watch Wisconsin’s “Positive Psychologist,” Dr. Robert McGrath, share the power of gratitude. What could be better as you sit and let everything digest post-Thanksgiving meal? Football? Not this year, Packer fans.