The Center for Limnology Is 35 and We Got a Webcam!

Happy Day-After-Independence Day! Over the weekend (July 1st to be exact), we celebrated the 35th Birthday of the Center for Limnology. Yes, we’ve been studying our lakes since 1895 and, yes, Trout Lake Station was built in the early 1900’s and, yes, Hasler Lab on Lake Mendota dates back to the Sixties, BUT the “Center for Limnology” as it is known and loved as an official part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is only 35. So Happy Birthday, CFL!
Here’s a present to celebrate – our new, live webcam on the lake that started it all. Whether you’re hoping to catch a lovely sky at sunset or a bright blue algae bloom, head to our blog – – scroll down just past the top featured content, and enjoy the view of Lake Mendota! And don’t forget to stop by often – the only constant for conditions on a lake is that they’re always changing.
Oh, and we promise to go clean our lens soon!