A Tale of Two Science on Taps: Tonight in Madison AND Minocqua!

This is just a friendly PSA to let you know about an exciting opportunity to talk science tonight in both Madison and Minocqua. The CFL is helping host two science cafes where we leave the lecture behind, grab a drink and start a conversation. Details below:
Invasives Attack! – Science on Tap-Madison – 7pm, Nomad World Pub

Future’s so bright, they gotta wear…

Zebra mussels. Spiny water fleas. Eurasion water milfoil. Non-native species are moving into water bodies across Wisconsin, but who are they, where do the come from and how did they get here?
UW-Madison Center for Limnology researchers Jake Vander Zanden and Jake Walsh will spend an evening in a conversation about what makes a species ‘invasive,’ the environmental and economic cost of these invasions and steps we can take to both keep unwanted plants and animals out of our lakes and rivers and deal with them once they’re here. Details here.

Agriculture in the Northwoods: Oxymoron or The Future? – Science on Tap-Minocqua – 6:30pm, Minocqua Brewing Co.
Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell, professor and extension state specialist in the Department of  Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will discuss major trends in US and Wisconsin agriculture over the next few decades and what it likely means for the Northwoods.  Can crop and livestock farming move into the Northwoods or is this just an oxymoron – a contradiction that cannot be?  Even if it is technically possible, will it and should it?  If agriculture is the future for the Northwoods, what might it look like?  Finally, what can we do today to help make the Northwoods future we want?
Join us to learn more about the agricultural potential for Wisconsin and the Northwoods!!
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