Stares on the Stairs: Hasler Lab’s Rotating Art Exhibits

If you’ve ever visited our comfy confines here on the Lakeshore Path, you know that the inside of Hasler Lab is, well, of the white cinder-block school of interior design. But, thanks to Hasler Lab Coordinator, Kelly O’Ferrell, and a lot of local artists and UW students, our entry stairwell is awash in color with a rotating gallery of water-inspired work entitled “Water You Doing?”
One recent exhibition featured the photographs of Rich Gassen, a supervisor in the digital publishing and printing services wing of UW-Madison’s IT department. Gassen wrote about the exhibit in a post on his blog. You can read it here.

Photo: Rich Gassen

Currently, a local 9th grade teacher, Deena Larsen, is the artist on exhibit (her photos are displayed at the top of this post). We’re always looking for other visual artists to grace our halls. Scientific posters are cool and all but, well, a picture is worth a thousand peer-reviewed words.
Feel free to stop by sometime and stare!