The 12 Blog Posts of Christmas: Happy Holidays from the CFL!

Happy Holidays, blog readers! We hope you had a fun, productive and meaningful 2017. As we head off into our holiday break, here is a gift from us, a look at 12 blog posts from this year that were big hits with our readers.
In 2018 we’re hoping to revamp the blog and get more consistent in our production – until then, enjoy a look back at the year that was!

1. A New Year’s Resolution to Speak Out for Science


2. What Two Frozen Lakes Taught Me About Perception Versus Data


3. What We Lose If We Lose Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine


4. Lake Mendota’s Spring Thaw Ties For 2nd Earliest on Record


5. What Lies Beneath: Sudden Invasion of Wisconsin Lake Wasn’t So Sudden After All


6. North America’s Freshwater Lakes Are Getting Saltier


7. Tiny Invasive Species Eats Enough to Devour An Entire City


8. You’re Not Seeing Mayflies Around Town, Those Are Midges


9. Zebra Mussel Invasion in Full Swing in Lake Mendota


10. Madison in Bloom: Blue Green Algae Hits Home


11. A Final Farewell to the Best Summer Job I’ve Ever Had


12. Watch: Unbelievable Swarm of Spiny Water Fleas Invades Hasler Lab