Guest Post: How Do Fish Handle Cold Water?

Each winter people ask us what, exactly, is everything doing down under that ice? As those ice fishing shanties dotting the frozen surface of our lakes attest, fish are still active. So how, exactly, do fish get through winter? Brandon Peoples, one of our friends over at The Fisheries Blog recently answered the question of what makes some fish suited to cold climates and others, well, less so.
by bkpeoples
Summertime’s come and gone, and winter has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Inland waters across North America are cooling down, and many will soon be covered with ice.
Winter can be hard on fishes, being poikilotherms that can’t regulate their own body temperature (with some exceptions). So just how do they make it through this challenging season?
Firstly, freshwater fishes are rarely threatened by freezing to death because of one of water’s most unique properties. Continue reading –>

Top Photo: Kelly Preheim