Guest Post: Are Fish “Bad Moms”?

We know we missed MOther’s Day (on the blog, NOT in real life, thank goodness) but our friends at The Fisheries Blog were on it. Enjoy this entry from Dana Sackett, who asks “Are fish bad Moms?”
By Dana Sackett
The lives of fish cannot technically be compared to the lives and pressures placed on today’s human moms (that then naturally let loose in an epic party). 
However, in honor of Mother’s Day we decided to share some of the maternal roles fish play and imagine if these same roles existed for us humans. 
First off, the primary way fish moms impact their offspring is through their diet and size prior to laying eggs; with larger fish having more and higher quality eggs.  These higher quality eggs are also the individuals that have the best chance at survival.  In fact, most researchers use these maternal traits to help determine the health and future of fish populations. Keep reading –>