Wordless Wednesday – Take 7

LTER Fish Crew member (and UW Undergrad), Chantal Van Guten, weighs a common carp caught in a Trammel net during the fish crew’s annual census of Wisconsin fish. It wasn’t all carp, though, plenty of desirable fish like perch, walleye and pike were hauled in as well!

Another week, another winner! Blog follower “Gator” heaves a last-second desperation shot at the buzzer and wins it all (note: “it” ain’t much!) with the caption:
The Carp Curl
Since the “fish weighs more than you do” jokes were flying during the taking of that shot, we had to give a nod to anything referencing aquatic weightlifting. Although we will start calling Chantal “Aquagirl” around here thanks to a solid runner up post.
As always, the real caption is now attached to the picture. And, as always, another round of the Wordless Wednesday caption contest begins now. See you all after Turkey Day and have fun captioning the unusual signage below!
Enter caption contest by providing your own humorous suggestion in the comments section below.