Wordless Wednesday – Take 8

This sign, posted above a “touch tank” at the Tennessee Aquarium instructs visitors on how to touch the fish without stressing them too much. The sturgeon at the aquarium are actually born in Wisconsin hatcheries and sent to Chattanooga to aid restoration efforts of sturgeon to the Tennessee River.

We’ve awoken from our Thanksgiving stupor just in time to crown another winner of the “Wordless Wednesday” photo caption contest! The honors this week go to “Caviar” for the following submission to the picture to your right:
“How to tickle a sturgeon.”
The real explanation is now in the caption below the picture and our next whimsical limnological pic is ready to receive your cations. Just comment in the box at the end of this post for your chance to win (fleeting) fame!
Perhaps our New Year’s Resolution will be to find some swag for our awesome award winners!