Fish Fry Day: Smallmouth Bass Begging for Food

Happy Fish Fry Day! The day when Wisconsin puts fried fish on the menu and we put fun fish on the blog.
Earlier this week, I was up north at Trout Lake Station with our summer outreach undergrad, Aisha Liebenow (you’ll hear more from her later this summer). We got to go out with Lindsey Sargent and her crew as they collected invasive rusty crayfish from Star Lake (more on that next week). As we waded in the freezing water, flipped over rocks and tried to corral crayfish, I kept thinking of a video that Center for Limnology post doc, Gretchen Anderson Hansen took a while back as she dove for crayfish in Sparkling Lake. Luckily we only had to contend with numb feet on Monday. Aggressive smallmouth bass kept their distance. Enjoy!