Fish Fry Day: Sturgeon Take the Elevator & Climate Change Ruins Everything

Happy Fish Fry Day! Battered, fried deliciousness will on Wisconsin menus this evening, so consider this an appetizer. Before you tuck in to a plate of bluegill, perch, walleye or (if you must) cod, here are two pieces of ichthyological info sure to impress a friend or two.
1. Sturgeon Take the Elevator

Our friends at the River Alliance of Wisconsin produced this fun, animated video explaining why lake sturgeon head upstream to spawn, what keeps them from achieving those dreams, and how the Menominee River Fish Passage Partnership lends a hand.
2. You’ve Gone Too Far, Climate Change

Friday Night Fish Fry. Photo:
Friday Night Fish Fry. Photo:

This isn’t for the weak of heart, but Ohio State University scientist, Stuart Ludsin’s research is featured in this story on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website.
In short, warming waters in the Great Lakes are bad news for cool-water species of fish. In related news, walleye and yellow perch are a cool-water species. In more related news, they are also some of the most delicious. Read the excellent article if you think you can stomach it.