Save the Date! Hasler Lab 2014 Open House

Modern limnology in North America was born right here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Today, scientists from across Wisconsin, the nation. and the globe are doing world-class freshwater research right on the shore of Lake Mendota – exploring issues like invasive species, sport fish dynamics and algae blooms.

On Friday, June 20th, from 2pm to 6pm, the Center for Limnology will open the doors of Hasler Lab for a “behind the scenes” tour of the science of freshwater research! You’re invited to come see how the research conducted at the CFL is being used to better understand, protect and improve Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers and streams.

Visitors board the Limnos for a "research cruise" on Lake Mendota.

Spend a half hour or the whole afternoon talking with scientists, getting your hands wet and learning what it means to study lakes for a living. Visitors will board our research vessel, the Limnos*, for a ride out onto Lake Mendota to try their hand at using various lake research tools.
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Guests will be introduced to all kinds of Madison lakes residents – from zooplankton, to plants, to fish.
2012-06-22 14.07.10
Attendees will even get a chance to “meet” the different kinds of fish living just off the lakeshore path as we haul in a fyke net and see what we catch.
Ted Bier introduces a bullhead to visitors. This and many other fish were pulled out of a fyke net set for the event.

A “kids craft” station will also be provided.

The event is free and open to visitors of all ages.

For a map of our location, click here.

For parking, we suggest either the public lot under the Helen C. White library, or the State Street Campus Ramp, on State and Lake. (Due to construction, driving any closer to our building is often difficult!)
*Due to limited seating aboard the Limnos, rides will be first come, first served. Even if you miss a seat on the boat, there will be plenty to do, we promise!