Fish Fry Day Video: The Salmon Cannon

If you go around the Twitter-verse hashtagging things like #salmoncannon (thanks @USFWSColeman!), chances are we’re going to notice here at the blog. So, without further ado, a mesmerizing video of the latest in safe, yet awesome, “fish transport systems.”

This sucker shoots salmon up to 22 miles per hour! The projectiles, I mean, amazing migratory fish, then splash down in a holding tank, ready to be carried up and over the dam that was blocking their attempts to head up stream to spawn.
You can read more about the project and this great new technology right here – go on, check it out, I’ll be here, dreaming of a day when, instead of fighting the current and laboring up fish ladders, salmon hop on the “Salmon Cannon” express and get shot up and out to higher reaches of a river!
Originally from a post by David Kirby at Video courtesy of Whooshh (no, really) Innovations.

1 thought on “Fish Fry Day Video: The Salmon Cannon”

  1. Is it OK that I’m laughing this hard? This is definitely an incredible invention and will do wonders for the environment, but it’s still a fish cannon! I wonder if they drew up this idea at a bar on a napkin.

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