Water We Talking About? Nothing – Please Send Questions!

Readers of this blog may be startled to log on today and find no inquisitive young mind querying aquatic scientists about our inland waters. Maybe it’s because we’re on the COVID-19 version of summer break. Maybe we haven’t been advertising enough. Whatever the reason for the sudden drought of new questions, we know it’s NOT because kids have stopped asking them.

In the brief life of the “Water We Talking About?” series we have had all sorts of fascinating questions come in. Such as:

Six-year-old Charlotte asked why the water in the lake near her home looked like root beer.

William, 8, and Luke, 6, discovered that their Pennsylvania pond was infested with “fleas.”

And a second-grader named Jack so stumped us that we had to track down an astrobiologist to answer his question!

But we want more! If you’re a kid or if you know any, then please, have them send us a question about anything related to water (in general, we don’t do oceans, but we’re not too picky!) You can send us a message on Facebook, tag us on Twitter, or just drop a note to hinterthuer@wisc.edu – bonus points* for questions coming from outside of Wisconsin!


*Bonus points are non-redeemable for prizes and can only be used for bragging rights!